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Our fifth annual Children’s Rights Summit brought together the public and private bar to address challenges for youth in new ways, and problem solve solutions that the private bar and business world can engage in. This year’s event hosted an intimate discussion between a select group of social justice leaders, in-house counsel, and children’s rights advocates to work together and find rights-based solutions for children and their communities. Attendants left with a greater understanding of legal issues affecting children and their youth, and to better implement these solutions in their practice.

Among the issues covered:

  • Justice is NOT Just Us: Everyone can (and must) pitch in
    In-house lawyers will share excellent examples of pro bono work across the city and across the globe.
  • Discrimination is Not Justice
    When a child's identity as LGBTQ, or as a member of a particular race or ethnicity, causes others to discriminate against them, it is time for change.
  •  "Walk A Mile In Their Shoes" – Experiencing Children's Justice Personally
    Participants will engage in a simulation exercise where participants assume roles of young people in the justice system, and learn through their experience.
  • Better System = Justice For Children
    Because improved systems of justice for children, no matter where they are in the world, for children better address the legal and other needs of children those systems serve, effort and energy is needed to make those systems better especially in the face of disasters – natural or manmade and true across the world
  • Innovation = Justice
    We need to think about new ways to address long-time challenges and use new technologies, thinking and innovations to meet the needs that are left unaddressed.