Amplifying Voices Left Unheard

Join us for the 6th Annual Children's Rights Summit as we re-imagine the way we provide access to justice for children and youth. Once again, the summit is hosted by one of our Silicon Valley partners committed to housing a creative space for discussion, collaborative activity, and sparking new ideas.

Agenda includes:

  • Children's Rights: Time for a New Recipe
    Key messages by renowned advocates and youth leaders touching on key topics.

  • Walk A Mile: Youth Justice Simulation
    Youth involved in our justice systems must confront many different institutions which often don’t coordinate or communicate with each other. Through this experiential learning simulation, participants will explore what it’s like to be a young person involved with the justice system and how community lawyering and pro bono can make a difference. It is an on-your-feet experience to see what life is like walking "in their shoes."

  • Juvenile Justice "Kitchens"
    We will download big challenges and use the opportunity to bring together professionals with diverse experiences to design solutions, share ideas, and chart out next steps. As participants move from "course" to "course," there will be new discussions in each "kitchen" to explore each topic and participate in dialogue and solutions. Topics will include:

    • Hearts and Minds: Establishing Community-Based Mental Health Resources for Children and Youth
    • Separating Families and Caging Children: Human Rights in America in 2019
    • Gender INJustice: Are We Realizing the Rights of Young Women and Girls?

  • Turning Learning into Action: Looking to Next Steps After the Summit
    Concluding our day, leaders and advocates will lead us in a quick wrap-up to bring focus to what we learned during the day and what steps are to come.

  • A Toast to Justice for Children and Youth
    End the day with cocktails and conversation with participants, facilitators and leaders. Opportunities to engage in pro bono projects available too!

2019 Children's Rights Summit Planning Committee

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